Advanced Rep Server Administration- Internals & Tuning

instructor Brian LaFevre Brian is an excellent instructor that livens thing up by telling lots of jokes so you don’t fall asleep in class. I have been both a student and the teacher with Brian. his skills of intructing keep improving. If this was D&D, he would be a level 15 instructor. hehe. The class is straightforward but the age of the PRINTED material is showing. Brian deviates from the course to provide the latest information on repserver v15. there seems to be a lot of misunderstandings about warm standby. I will post on repserver extensively later. I’m typing this on the palm treo that Sybase has been giving out for the duration of the conference. It is a slick toy but ultimately it really isn’t that useful to me on a day to day basis because I’m always near a computer or I’m commuting to work. if I was taking the Metra, that would be different.

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