Sybase’s Workspace = Eclipse?

The second keynote for today mentioned that the new Sybase product Workspace was a highly modified version of the open source workgroup application Eclipse.  This afternoon, I took a good look at both of them.  Sybase’s Workspace appears to revolve around Sybase’s products (big surprise 😉 but also includes competitors such as Oracle and Microsoft.  For example, using Workspace, you can dynamically add replication definitions and see the result in your ‘management’ data flow.  (You know, that data flow chart that is used by managers and high priced consultants 😉


Today’s Development Trends are Driving Tomorrow’s Technologies
Featuring Sybase developers and consultants
Developers know that the only technology that really matters is tomorrow’s technology. Learn how today’s hottest development trends are driving tomorrow’s technologies. Client-server and web development are beginning to intersect, service-oriented architectures (SOAs) are connecting with the world of data and Java, and modeling is taking the lead in solving some of the most complex enterprise development problems. This lively keynote will showcase Sybase’s development tools, including the latest version of Sybase PowerDesigner – our market-leading modeling tool; WorkSpace – our ground-breaking Eclipse-based Java framework for SOA, mobile, and Java developers; and the long-awaited enhancements to PowerBuilder .NET, including WinForms and WebForms technologies. The future is here.  Watch the Video


I’m not certain as to the price of the product but if it is $1,000 (USD) or less per seat for corporate use, then it would definitely be worth it.  For small development shops or small companies, you’re probably better off using the free version of Eclipse.


If anyone from Sybase is reading this, please please have a small business or developer version in the order of $200 (USD). 

Not everyone can afford to pay big $$. 



I talked to a good friend of mine that just happens to be a Sybase Sales Rep.  Sybase Workspace is $500 – $10,000 (USD) per seat depending on the options.  I think we still need a developer’s version as there is no way that I will be able to convince the wife-to-be (AKA the Boss 😉 to let me spend $500 on Workspace.


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