Sybase Replication Server: custom built RepAgents with Perl!

Data is entered into the primary database and the replication server were send it to all of the replicate databases.  The process that gathers the data (encapsulated in transactions) and sends it to the Replication Server is called a RepAgent (Replication Agent).

Bernd Dulfer a few years ago wrote the perl module Sybase::RepAgent in order to replicate data from arbitrary DBMS’s.  For example, if your legacy application is built on dBase III+, you could with little effort make a RepAgent to send any changes to the dBase files to Replication Server and then off to some other DBMS that you will eventually migrate to.

In the Sybase::RepAgent Cookbook, Bernd Dulfer describes the setup of a simple RepAgent in order to replicate from a Postgres database to a Sybase ASE database.
Even though Sybase::RepAgent uses Sybase’s Openclient, the parser and SQL converter is written in Perl, we can not expect it to keep up with a high load of transactions.  Rewriting the parser and converter in C or some other compiled language may provide a sufficient boost in performance allowing it to be used in high load situations.
I have not been able to contact Bernd Dulfer so the Sybase::RepAgent module may indeed be abandoned.  I’ve contacted the CPAN admins regarding this.
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