ASE 12.5.3 esd 7: Stacktrace with workaround

On ASE 12.5.3 esd 7, we experienced a stacktrace involving the following functions with a null pc:

  • kisignal()
  • pll_sort_open()
  • mjoin_open()
  • exec_eop()

We have been able to determine a viable workaround:

Disable sort-merge at the server level:

sp_configure "enable sort-merge join and JTC", 0

Since this is a dynamic parameter, we won’t have to restart ASE.  Disabling it will have a slight performance impact but it shouldn’t be noticable with the queries that we run.  Note this is a workaround not a permanent solution.

I will update this entry with the Sybase ASE bug# (CR) when Sybase gives it to me.


kernel current process (0x1b3400ca) infected with 11
kernel Address 0x0x0000000e (), siginfo (code, address) = (1, 0x(nil))
kernel curdb = 14 tempdb = 7 pstat = 0x10100
kernel lasterror = 0 preverror = 0 transtate = 1
kernel curcmd = 195 program =
kernel pc 0x880c225 ucbacktrace+0x89(0x0,0x1,0x93795d4,0x3d1f817c,0x0)
kernel pc 0x81b42c9 terminate_process+0xb21(0x0,0xffffffff,0x93795d4,0x60c6c000,0x615d0744)
kernel pc 0x882bd75 kisignal+0x1d1(0xb,0x3d1fa190,0x3d1fa210,0xb,0x0)
kernel pc 0x93a880 (0x3d1fb3a4,0x1,0x616174fc,0x1b360103,0x11)
kernel pc 0x8787b62 pll_sort_open+0xc2(0x3d1fb3a4,0x93795d4,0x3d1fb3a0,0x3d1fb484,0x3d1fb484)
kernel pc 0x8786f41 mjoin_open+0x21(0x3d1fb3a0,0x61611410,0x61618000,0x61618304,0x3d1fb3a0)
kernel pc 0x8599c35 exec_eop+0x1925(0x61611410,0x61618000,0x3d1fb7d4,0x93795d4,0x3d1fb7d4)
kernel pc 0x8598991 exec_eop+0x681(0x61611410,0x616116c4,0x3d1fb7d4,0x61611410,0x0)
kernel pc 0x8597fc8 execute+0x904(0x612bccd4,0x61611410,0xc3,0x3d1fb7d4,0x93795d4)
kernel pc 0x8246457 ex_cleanup(0x612bccd4,0x5cce017c,0x93795d4,0x36f88d5c,0x0)
kernel pc 0x85893b8 child_driver+0x404(0x0,0x93795d4,0x36f88d5c,0x8a2,0x5)
kernel pc 0x8246457 ex_cleanup(0x36f88d5c,0x3d1fb8cc,0x0,0x0,0x0)
kernel pc 0x88735e9 kw_member+0x259(0x0,0x3d1fb8e4,0x895eed31,0x0,0x0)
kernel pc 0x884dcf0 kpexit(0x0,0x0,0x0,0x3c54a900,0xcb)
kernel pc 0x895eed31 init_dummy+0x8094bce1(0x0,0x3c54a900,0xcb,0x1,0x5374616b)
kernel end of stack trace, spid 826, kpid 456392906, suid 222
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