Wedding day … I’m up and waiting for the five ‘wake up’ calls that are coming

Who is supposed to call me this morning to make sure I’m awake?

  1. Dad
  2. Nate
  3. Pummy
  4. Dan
  5. Glennys

Guess what?  I’ve been awake for the past half hour.  Nope, no trouble sleeping at all last night.  I put my head on the pillow and then I woke up this morning feeling perfectly fine.  No nervousness, no anxiety, just a delightful calm.  Really, the only things I’m thinking about at the moment are when is breakfast and when is lunch.  I’m just hanging out in our apartment.

[info]tzurriz, [info]dreamsweaver, and all the other women are probably going nuts right now at [info]dreamsweaver ‘s house about now getting their hair, makeup and whatever it is that women have done on the day of the movie while I’m just sitting here doing nothing with nothing that has to be done (except drop off the car at the hotel in Lombard).

[info]skyring, Aussie Casanova, just totally surprises me every day.  Yesterday he posted Hurricane Rebecca and today he sends roses and chocolates!  When we get to Canberra, Austraila  in the next couple of years, I’m going to hire [info]skyring‘s cab for an entire day so he can show us Canberra.  The best way to site-see is in the cab IMHO. 🙂  Look out [info]skyring!  Hurricane Rebecca ([info]tzurriz ) is coming to Austraila in a couple years!

Work has been very good in not trying to contact me so kudos to Bill, Josey, Bruce, Rick, Drew and Francis for holding down the fort!!

A word of warning to Pummy:  If you don’t get your tux today at noon, like you were supposed to do two days ago, not only is [info]tzurriz and Latika going to kick your butt, but [info]dreamsweaver is talk very politely and calmly to you while the rest of the families come up behind you and….

Pauline’s wife is stuck at Union Station because she didn’t bring any money, credit cards, or even ID.  One of my uncles is going to go get her.  I’m sorry but I don’t have time today to go and pick up ANYONE today. hmmm

To everyone that is coming to the wedding:
I’m in no mood for any selfish antics today!  Pummy, Dan and Nate are the bouncers at the wedding and reception..  That means if you have a cell phone, put it on silent – you can answer the blooming phone after the ceremony outside of the main area.  Don’t even think of bringing laptops, iPods, Blackberrys, or anything like that… keep it in the car or better yet, don’t bring it at all.

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