ASE: Load of master database of a different sort order / character set

I’ve created a new Sybase ASE feature request through ISUG’s website.  I think it is sorely needed so we can recover a Sybase ASE server without going through unnecessary steps.  There is no valid reason that I can think of that would prevent Sybase from implementing this feature request.

Issue Description: We need the ability to load the master database into a server with an ASE server that has a different character set / sort order.  The current method of srvbuild / srvbuildres, then charset is cumbersome and is user-error prone.
Application Environment: Other
Requirement Name: Manageability / Administration
Group Name: Server
Enhancement Benefit: When a master dump with a non-default character set / sort order needs to be loaded into a server, it is redundant for a DBA to change the character set / sort order for the master database. Even though changing the character set / sort order is in the manual, most DBAs have trouble performing it. It is not at all a friendly operation.

Additional Details: The current process is:

srvbuild / srvbuildres
change the sort order / character set
load database master

The problem with this is that the manual changing of the sort order / character set shouldn’t be needed as the master database is going to be overwritten. Individual databases would have their sort order changed (if necessary) on restart of ASE.


1> load database master from "/dump/master.dmp" with master override
2> go

The ‘with master override’ (or some such flag), would set a flag in master..sysdatabases (or somewhere) to tell ASE that changing of the sort order / default character set needs to be performed when master is recovered.

The ASE server on restart, would perform database sort order changes on a database level (if the individual database is already the sort order, then no change is needed for that particular db)

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