Sybase ASE 15 vs MySQL 5

Dhimant Chokshi at Sybase’s Server Performance and Engineering Development Group (aka Sybase ASE Engineering), did an internal benchmark of ASE 15 and MySQL 5

Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) is a highly scalable, mission critical database server that provides a portable, multi-platform system for high performance data management. The new features of ASE 15.0 deliver an operational advantage with lower cost and risk, and they achieve higher performance on mixed workload systems.

Testing with ASE 15.0 has shown an advantage in overall performance for transaction processing over MySQL 5.0, and many complex queries show significant improvements.

The new query optimizer and execution engine greatly enhance the performance of complex queries. ASE 15.0 features patented query-processing technology that increases query performance and, when coupled with features such as Computed Columns and Function Indexes, significantly reduces reporting time on mission critical reports.

Sybase ASE 15.0 provides new features and functionality that can handle severe user demands for performance and economy. This paper will discuss how ASE 15.0 delivers advanced DSS performance on data sets of all sizes—from small to the VERY large—while controlling your costs. Some of the features that improve query performance are hashbased algorithms, merge joins, and N-ary joins.

Take his benchmark with a great big chunk of salt because you have to remember how companies do benchmarks:

  • optimize the stuffing out of YOUR product
  • default or minimal optimizing of the competing company

The benchmark doesn’t coincide with my experience but whether one DBMS is faster than another depends on alot of things. 

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