MDA monEngine and 11213 error

When attempting to get the current status of the ASE 12.5.3 esd 2 server mydb1, I ran:

select * from master..monEngine

I received the error 11213:

Msg 11213, Level 16, State 2
Server ‘mydb1’, Line 1
Column count mismatch in remote object ‘monEngine’; (defined: 19 found 15).
Command has been aborted. 

I’ve opened Sybase case 11300469 for an explanation.  I suspect that the 11213 error has been fixed (Sybase’s Solved Cases is down at the moment).

We should be receiving output for the select * from master..monEngine such as the following:

EngineNumber CurrentKPID PreviousKPID CPUTime SystemCPUTime UserCPUTime IdleCPUTime Yields Connections DiskIOChecks DiskIOPolled DiskIOCompleted ProcessesAffinitied ContextSwitches Status StartTime StopTime AffinitiedToCPU OSPID
0 1673134140 262148 198986 29313 2653 167019 9589417 10 216111444 153017961 2606180 18 11156380 online Nov 7 2006 10:50AM 29026

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3 Replies to “MDA monEngine and 11213 error”

  1. ASE 12.5.1 version of monEngine had 14 columns.

    ASE 12.5.4 version of monEngine has 19 columns.

    Somewhere between these 2 versions I wouldn’t be surprised if monEngine had 15 columns.

    Your comment states (defined: 19 found 15) … which would jive if you’ve recently upgraded your dataserver but failed to re-run the installmontables script.

    Most upgrade/ebf software comes with some documentation that states which of the install* scripts need to be re-run (eg, installmaster, installmontables, etc.).

    Suggest you re-run installmontables; there’s a good chance that will get rid of your error message.

  2. Thanks Mark, but you’ve got it backwards 😉 The proxy table has 19 columns defined but ASE is returning 15.

    My thinking is that memory structure that the proxy table (MDA table monEngine) is pointing to doesn’t get replaced by the dataserver. I’m thinking that it is set somewhere in the master where we normally wouldn’t see it. Of course, this is just an educated guess, because the 12.5.3 esd 2 installmontables and the 12.5.3 esd 2 dataserver are being used.

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