RE: ISUG’s Sybase FAQ post

A correction to my ISUG’s Sybase FAQ post from Mike Harold (president of ISUG):
From:"Mike Harrold" <>
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 21:52:26 -0500
I would appreciate it if you would remove your blog entry on the Sybase FAQ and issue a correction. ISUG does not maintain the FAQ, we just host a copy of it.  The FAQ has not been updated for some time because the maintainer no longer maintains it.
Mark Kusma is working on some updates I believe which we will of course post once he is done, but in the meantime, instead of complaining, perhaps you’d like to contribute some rewrites of your own?


Mike Harrold
ISUG President <>
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Interesting, I’ve sent over 100 updates to the Sybase FAQ in the past year…  hmmm..  makes you wonder what’s going on over at ISUG.

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Blog Policy

Hi everyone,

I’ve gotten a few emails from various people at Sybase and ISUG to remove certain posts on this blog.  As a matter of my belief and policy, if anyone has any issues with any of my posts, please make a reply stating any corrections rather than just telling me to remove the post.

If I post about issues with a product or service (e.g. the Sybase FAQ), it is because I perceive that there are issues with it.  I’m not here to complain but to raise awareness about these issues.

Even though I’m a member of TeamSybase, I am not an employee of Sybase (I was but that was a while ago).

The posts I make on this blog are my opinions and mine alone.


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Sybase ASE Tech Talk Podcast

Sybase Engineering has just published a podcast for their ASE product.  The podcast was created by Stefan Karlsson, a Sybase P&T engineer.  It is a high level view of how Sybase Engineering views what is important for performance.  This podcast will be an excellent source of what Sybase Engineering is thinking and we can provide feedback as to what their focus should be.

As it is just starting out, there are a few minor hiccups that I’m certain will be worked out:

  • No RSS feed.  This makes it impossible to create a subscription with iTunes or similar player
  • Audio appears to be recorded in a low bitrate.  This can often create pops, crackles, scratches in the audio like a well listened vinyl record.
  • No embedded information in the mp3 tags.
  • No license was specified in on the website or in the mp3 tags.
    • Preferrably, it would be licensed under a Creative Commons license

These are common issues for new podcasts and shouldn’t keep anyone from listening to Stefan’s podcast.  I have faith that Stefan will address these issues in the coming weeks.

Topics (As of 12/31/2006):

ASE Tech Talk #001-01: The Art of Performance & Tuning – General Best Practices
Ever wonder how some DBA’s always seem to have their systems under control and most weekends off?  Tune in with Sybase ASE experts and special guest Peter Thawley, senior director and architect for Sybase engineering, to explore the best practices in performance and tuning for database applications based on Adaptive Server Enterprise.
Listen to General Best Practices

ASE Tech Talk #001-02: The Art of Performance & Tuning – Monitoring Practices and Tools
In this Podcast, Stefan Karlsson and guest Jeff Tallman discuss the details of monitoring within the ASE environment. They elaborate on the principles and best practices of monitoring options available today, including details on how to use the monitoring tables.
Listen to Monitoring Practices and Tools

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ISUG’s Sybase FAQ

ISUG hasn’t been maintaining the Sybase FAQ very well.

  • Entries that provide wrong or misleading information
  • new information hasn’t been added to the FAQ for a number of years with the exception of the ASE 12.5x/15x on Ubuntu.
  • Dead links to websites that have been gone for years

Please leave feedback on the ISUG website asking them to update the Sybase FAQ on a regular basis.

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Geek Gadgets from a woman’s point of view :)

Getting a real honest opinion from a woman regarding gadgets can be very difficult as they often will either give a bogus answer or will tell you what you want to hear.  The Chip Chick blog give us guys a little help in selecting a geek gadget for the girl geeks in our lives.  I wish I knew about it when I bought a really bad mp3 player (it looked good on amazon) a couple years ago.

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Sybase’s Backup Server for Linux (64bit) is broken :(

Apparently v12.5.3 esd 7 64bit on Linux has a problem with the backup server. It throws a signal 11 and dies. Nice feature, huh?

The problem is that esd 7 introduced a 64bit backupserver binary and still uses the old compat-libcstd++-5 library. The 64bit version of the library is somewhat flakey. Using the 32bit binary from esd 6 is the workaround (make sure to include the esd7 version of sybmultbuf too).


The workaround is to set LD_POINTER_GUARD to 0 in the RUN_<SERVER>_BS file just prior to the backupserver command line.  Now, Sybase fixed the ASE binary (dataserver) atleast for the 12.5.x codeline but missed the backupserver and sybmultbuf (64bit versions).



According to Sybase Techsupport, the problems with GLIBC 2.4 will be fixed within ASE 12.5.4 ESD #6!  Cool

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“My SysAd Blog”

My UNIX-based blog covers a collection of tips for installations, programming, scripting, configuration, SQL, maintenance, troubleshooting, and command line syntax.

I discovered a second blog today.  This one, My SysAd Blog, is based around unix commands and tips.  There are a few dbms entries but mostly the blog is a "look at this command..  it’s that easy!" type of blog.  In short, for those people starting out in the world of unix/linux administration or scripting, it is an invaluable site. 🙂

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Geek Philosophy

I’m working from home today and when looking for examples of a certain perl module, I ran across the blog Geek Philosophy by Chris Simmons.  He covers several topics and programming languages but seems to be drawn to the Perl language.  As I read his blog, I discovered that he in engaged to Melanie and will be married in 2007.  Congrats to both Chris & Melanie!  If you wish to congratulate them, see the details of their impending wedding.

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Helix Live – Forensic analysis of a computer :)

“Download your copy today and save a windows machine tomorrow.” –zushiba

Helix is a customized distribution of the Knoppix Live Linux CD. Helix is more than just a bootable live CD. You can still boot into a customized Linux environment that includes customized linux kernels, excellent hardware detection and many applications dedicated to Incident Response and Forensics.

Helix has been modified very carefully to NOT touch the host computer in any way and it is forensically sound. Helix wil not auto mount swap space, or auto mount any attached devices. Helix also has a special Windows autorun side for Incident Response and Forensics.

Helix focuses on Incident Response & Forensics tools. It is meant to be used by individuals who have a sound understanding of Incident Response and Forensic techniques. That said Helix is used by the following organizations for Incident Response/Forensics Training:

  • e-fense: Helix Incident Response & Computer Forensics
  • NW3C: Linux Forensics
  • SANS Track 508: System Forensics, Investigation and Response.
  • InfoSec Institute: Computer Forensics Training
  • SEARCH: Basic Investigators Training
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    FW: 2006 Perl Advent Calendar

    I almost missed this, but Jerrad Pierce created the Perl Advent Calendar.  Each day he gave a gift of finding a perl module from CPAN and provide examples on how to use it.  This has been a tradition for the past 5 years and I highly recommend checking it out.

    An advent calendar is a tradition of giving a small gift to a child everyday from December 1st to December 25th.

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