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Sybase Engineering has just published a podcast for their ASE product.  The podcast was created by Stefan Karlsson, a Sybase P&T engineer.  It is a high level view of how Sybase Engineering views what is important for performance.  This podcast will be an excellent source of what Sybase Engineering is thinking and we can provide feedback as to what their focus should be.

As it is just starting out, there are a few minor hiccups that I’m certain will be worked out:

  • No RSS feed.  This makes it impossible to create a subscription with iTunes or similar player
  • Audio appears to be recorded in a low bitrate.  This can often create pops, crackles, scratches in the audio like a well listened vinyl record.
  • No embedded information in the mp3 tags.
  • No license was specified in on the website or in the mp3 tags.
    • Preferrably, it would be licensed under a Creative Commons license

These are common issues for new podcasts and shouldn’t keep anyone from listening to Stefan’s podcast.  I have faith that Stefan will address these issues in the coming weeks.

Topics (As of 12/31/2006):

ASE Tech Talk #001-01: The Art of Performance & Tuning – General Best Practices
Ever wonder how some DBA’s always seem to have their systems under control and most weekends off?  Tune in with Sybase ASE experts and special guest Peter Thawley, senior director and architect for Sybase engineering, to explore the best practices in performance and tuning for database applications based on Adaptive Server Enterprise.
Listen to General Best Practices

ASE Tech Talk #001-02: The Art of Performance & Tuning – Monitoring Practices and Tools
In this Podcast, Stefan Karlsson and guest Jeff Tallman discuss the details of monitoring within the ASE environment. They elaborate on the principles and best practices of monitoring options available today, including details on how to use the monitoring tables.
Listen to Monitoring Practices and Tools

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