Sybase Tech Support Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you ever received an email from Sybase requesting that you fill out a survey regarding the techsupport case that was just closed?  While to us, the surveys are often minor annoyances that we just don’t have either the time or the inclination to fill out, they are invaluable to TechSupport.  Why?  Among other things, Techsupport management is able to guage whether we (the customers) are content with the current level of training of the techsupport engineers or if they need more training.

This only works when we fill out the surveys honestly and provide praise or constructive criticism.  If the engineer was outstanding or needed a extra help from you to understand the problem, write about it in the survey.

This goes not only for Sybase Techsupport, but for any support organization.  


Recently, Sybase handled the following case for you:
Case Number: 12345678
Title: ASE 12.5.4/EBF 14080 ESD#3/P/x86_64 Linux (64bit) – xpserver
does not start corr

Please would you complete this short survey about how well the
Technical Support Engineer handled this case? Feedback on other aspects of
Sybase are welcome in the Comments field, and will be forwarded to the
appropriate organization.

If you cannot click on this link and automatically bring up a browser,
copy and paste this link into the Address line of your browser and
press Return.

If you are a registered CaseXpress user, then you may see the details
of the case at:

Thank You!

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