FW 138fx: Securing and hardening Linux

Description: The following video tutorial covers the proper steps to take to prepare a freshly installed Linux install to have applications (ie apache, MYSQL, etc) installed on it and be exposed to the Internet. The following topics are covered: Iptables – Properly setting up iptables, and walking through an example iptables file describing its components and there functions. SSH – Generating a key pair via puttygen, then configuring SSH to only allow users with proper keys to gain access. Various other conf changes as well. Updates – Updating the system via Yum. Admin housekeeping – Automating things like network time sync, locate DB creating, and turning off unwanted daemons.

Submitted by: Colin Hostert

Date Submitted: 6/13/06

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2006

Running Time: 00:25:56


Times Viewed: 2294

Tags: centos (1), linux (1), security (1)




Waiting for the chicken soup to be done.  We’ve been sick for the past few days. 

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