Sybase RepServer: Use the embedded RSSD or put the RSSD on ASE?

It is more dangerous to run RepServer with the RSSD residing on ASE.  Why?  If the ASE RSSD goes down unexpectedly, RepServer doesn’t immediately know this, when it does, it dies … HARD.  Restarting both ASE and RepServer, you might discover that your stable queues are partially scrambled or missing data.

This was brought to the attention of RepServer Engineering almost a decade ago (by a certain fellow named of Zhong) but no fix has been made… "it is not a bug".

The ONLY advantage of running RepServer with the RSSD on ASE is if you have multiple RepServers on the same box and you wish to save on a bit of administration.  Basically it is the ease of use.

So, put your RSSD in ASE if you must, but you’re probably better off with the embedded RSSD.

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