FW: “Foreigner fee” added to bill at NYC restaurant

 by Nicole Weston:


It’s a stereotype that foreign diners in the US are bad tippers. Whether this is true or not varies from restaurant to restaurant, but it isn’t difficult to see why waiters and waitresses might expect people who aren’t used to tipping their servers 15-20% at the end of a meal to simply not do it. If a waiter gets stiffed on the tip, the only real recourse is to curse at bad luck before continuing on to the next table. But the manager of the restaurant Aquagrill in New York decided that something should be done about this perceived issue. He decided to add an automatic 18% gratuity to the bill when the diners were foreign, because "foreigners don’t tip."  more at Slashfood.com


 It has been my experience that local residents tend to tip very little or not at all…

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