Sybase ASE Tech Talk Podcast – FIXED!

Do you remember when I posted about the new Sybase ASE Tech Talk Podcast?  I brought up a number of issues that haven’t been addressed yet by Sybase.  If you care about any of these, please email Sybase!

As it is just starting out, there are a few minor hiccups that I’m certain will be worked out:

  • No RSS feed.  This makes it impossible to create a subscription with iTunes or similar player.  Personally I do consider this item fixed as the RSS feed will not work with a podcast aggregator such as iTunes, Windows Media Player 11, Amarok, GTKPod, etc.
  • Audio appears to be recorded in a low bitrate.  This can often create pops, crackles, scratches in the audio like a well listened vinyl record.
  • No embedded information in the mp3 tags.
  • No license was specified in on the website or in the mp3 tags.
    • Preferrably, it would be licensed under a Creative Commons license

Well, I’m tired of waiting for Sybase to fix their BROKE rss feed.  Atleast it is broken for Amorak, iTunes, Windows Media Player 11.  I haven’t tested other podcast aggregators.  The problem is that it is using RSS 1.0 but none of the modern podcast aggregators support such an old beast.

So… I fixed their podcast feed!  What I do is pull their rss feed, recreate it as an RSS 2.0 feed and presto chango, IT WORKS!  It goes without saying that when Sybase eventually fixes their podcast feed, I’ll let everyone know and eventually remove my WORKING podcast RSS feed.

Sybase’s broken podcast feed: 
My WORKING podcast feed:

Here is the perl code.


According to the Jan 3rd posts on  Comment on Presentations / Graphics and Comment RSS feed / iTunes in the ASE Podcast Series forum (hosted by ISUG), we will see a proper RSS feed and embedded documents (PDFs) in the near future.

I’ll keep my working podcast feed going until Sybase provides a proper RSS feed for podcasting.

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