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Sybase is apparently changing their website.  These are relatively minor changes but are significant enough to mess with your bookmarks.  Just to make sure that no one panics.   Now, if they would fix Case Express to work properly…

To all customers who access the and MySybase Web sites:

Effective Jan. 31, 2007, the top-level navigation of Sybase’s corporate Web site,, will undergo some changes.  These changes represent a sign of the company’s growth and focus on all aspects of Sybase’s Unwired Enterprise strategy.

The upcoming changes include the following:

  • The "MySybase" tab will be removed from the site-wide tabbed navigation, and will be replaced by a link at the very top of the page, between the "Contact Us" and "Login" links.
  • A new tab for "Mobile Services" will be added to the navigation.  This tab will point to a new section of the site featuring content from Sybase 365, the wholly-owned subsidiary formed after Sybase acquired Mobile 365.
    The Products & Solutions tab will be shortened to "Products," and the Support & Services tab will be abbreviated to "Support."
  • No content or services will be removed from the site, and no transactional or process modifications will be made.  Likewise, the MySybase system will not change, and customers will access and use it as usual.

The following screenshot illustrates the upcoming changes to the top navigation of the Web site.


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