FW: Announcing the Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise OLE DB Provider 15.0 for Windows 64-bit Beta program

Just letting everyone know that there is a new, albeit short, beta program from Sybase for their OLE DB Provider v15 for 64bit Windows 2003/XP (x86-64).  While, at this time, the beta officially doesn’t cover 64bit Windows Vista (x86-64), but Sybase Product Management is more than happy to listen to anyone that is willing to test the OLE DB Provider v15 on Vista 64bit.

While some Sybase beta programs in the past have required that the tester work at a company with a support contract, this beta does not.  It is open to anyone that wishes to test the provider.  At the end of the beta, if you wish to continue using the provider, you will need to obtain the Software Development Kit for Windows 64bit (x86-64) license.  Please make note of the x86-64 as you don’t want to receive the Itanium version.

The OLE DB Provider v15 beta program ends on March 28th, so don’t hesitate!

We are pleased to announce beginning of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
OLE DB Provider 15.0 for Windows 64-bit Beta program. The Beta program has
started this week and close on Wednesday March 28th, 2007.

To participate in this beta program, visit the beta signup page at:


You can then download the beta package along with information on the beta


Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise OLE DB Provider 15.0 for Windows 64-bit Beta Program

Beta Cycle

The Beta will run from February 6th 2007 through March 28th 2007.

Support During Beta program

Please visit the beta newsgroup "sybase.public.connectivity.oledb.beta" hosted on news server "forums.sybase.com" to obtain support, for general discussions about usage and interact with other beta participants as well as Sybase support personnel about the product.

Periodic updates during Beta program

The beta software will be periodically updated with bug fixes, new features etc. Announcements regarding the updates will be posted on the above beta newsgroup.

System Requirements

This provider is supported on the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP x64
  • Windows 2003 x64

Installing the OLE DB Provider

  1. Download the zip file ase15_oledb64_beta.zip onto your machine.
  2. Using winzip or another utility of your choice, extract all the files into your SYBASE directory. For example: "C:\Sybase".
  3. Add OLE DB Provider directory to your system path. For example, if you unzipped   the Provider in C:\Sybase directory, then add C:\Sybase\DataAccess64\OLEDB\dll   directory to the PATH.
  4. Register the OLE DB Provider by executing the following commands from a command prompt. The following commands assume provider is installed in C:\Sybase. "cd /d C:\Sybase\DataAccess64\OLEDB\dll" "regsvr32 sybdrvoledb.dll"
  5. Install the OLE DB Driver meta-data stored procedures on any ASE Servers you will be connecting to. To install the stored procedures, execute the  install_oledb_sprocs script located in the "sp" directory.

Syntax for using the script is:

        install_oledb_sprocs <ServerName> <username> [<password>]
         where <ServerName> is the name of the Adaptive Server
             <username> is the username to connect to the server
             [<password>] is the password the username
             (don’t supply this for null password)

Known issues / Limitations in this drop

  1. See below for list of known issues/unsupported features.
  2. This drop does not include the Sybase Data Source Administrator GUI application.  Therefore you will not be able to create and save Datasource definitions.
  3. Cannot use varbinary columns in a WHERE clause.
  4. SSL Encryption.
  5. Kerberos authentication & encryption.
  6. Asynchronous Execution.

Issues related to using ASE OLE DB Data Sources to setup Linked Servers in Microsoft SQL Server

  1. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is required for setting up Linked Server connections from SQL Server to ASE OLE DB Data sources. Using SQL Server 2000 is not supported.
  2. Cannot execute stored procedure calls from SQL Server to the linked ASE OLE DB datasource.
  3. Cannot access char, nchar, unichar and float columns that are defined as nullable.
  4. Cannot setup the ASE OLE DB Datasource with ‘Allow In Process’ option enabled.  Enabling this option will cause query processing to fail with the following MSSQL Server message: ‘Cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider "ASEOLEDB" for linked server’.

Contacting Sybase about this beta program

If you have further questions about the beta that cannot be addressed in the support newsgroup, please contact the Program Manager Wyler Long at wyler.long_at_sybase.com (please replace _at_ with @).

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  1. Hi. Good info. Right now I am having problems seting up linked servers. Keep getting the msg “Cannot initialize the data source object of OLE DB provider “ASEOLEDB” for linked server”. Also if I create a udl file, sybase provider does not work. Help and thanks. LDA

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