Has anyone seen these tables before?

They’re obviously for monitoring but I’m suspecting it is for some repository. When we ran across this database my immediate thought was that it was for Sybase’s Enterprise Application Server (EAServer / Jaguar)… second thought was for BMC Patrol but neither panned out. At this point I’m suspecting it was some customized monitoring software (homebrew) but I would like to know if they belong to some 3rd party monitoring application.

  • eas_version
  • eas_collection
  • eas_collection_object
  • eas_database
  • eas_filter
  • eas_map
  • eas_object
  • eas_object_type
  • eas_option
  • eas_option_type
  • eas_property
  • eas_schedule
  • eas_statistic
  • eas_collection_sql
  • eas_group
Any ideas?


It ends up that these tables are part of a financial application from Sungard

Update #2:

It seems that I spoke too soon.  🙁 

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