Avoid using Movable Type hosted by Yahoo!

Way back on September 13th, 2006 I raised an issue with Six Apart, the company who makes Movable Type, and Yahoo!.  (The customer service people at Yahoo! told me to contact Six Apart as Six Apart wasn’t being responsive to Yahoo!’s techicians)  The issue is that the Movable Type software hosted by Yahoo! is quite old and about a third of the time, we receive the following messages that prevent us from working on our blogs:

Screen #1:

Time to Upgrade!

A new version of Movable Type has been installed. We’ll need to complete a few tasks to update your database.

Screen #2:

Your database is already current.

Screen #3:

Relogin (paraphrased)

On September 13th, I asked Six Apart for help.  September 30th, 2006 I received the following response from Six Apart:

According to Lisa on the MovableType Forums, Yahoo is in the process of upgrading the hosted MovableType to a more current version.

We’re in the process up updating the Yahoo customized version. I would strongly recommend sticking with 3.2 until Yahoo has the updated version available to you. Lisa

I have been trying to get a time frame from Six Apart as to when the Movable Type software on Yahoo! will be upgraded.  Complete silence from Six Apart.  I pay for using the Movable Type Software through Yahoo! but Six Apart seems not to care.

Please, if you are affected by this issue, let Six Apart know that you want this issue resolved (also here).

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