Progress made on the LD_POINTER_GUARD / ASE setup Issue!

Sybase’s setup causes some installs of ASE to fail

January 28th, 2007 jfroebe

ASE 12.5.4 setup (java version of Installshield) unsets LD_POINTER_GUARD, which will cause some linux distributions to fail to ’setup’ dataserver.

This appears to be a variation of the issue raised in the “Sybase’s Backup Server for Linux (64bit) is broken :(” post. What is unclear is whether this variable is being undefined by the Sybase supplied Java, Installshield itself or whether Sybase engineering is explicitly undefining it in the Installshield script. I’ve opened a case with Sybase to ensure that this gets resolved with the ASE 12.5.4 esd 6 ebf.

Sybase Techsupport has created CR455393 to address this issue. If you are running into this issue, please contact Sybase so we can get engineering attention for this.

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