Replicating Logins, Passwords, Users and Groups

Back at the dawn of the new millennia, Mark A. Parsons created and presented Replicating Logins, Passwords, Users, and Groups at the Sybase TechWave Australasia 2000 conference.  He provides different methods on how to keep specific tables in the master databases in sync across replicated servers.  This is extremely important in warm standby environments.

Kudos to Mark! 🙂

Mark Parsons

Mark Parsons is an independent consultant currently working in North America. He has been working with Sybase ASE since 1991. His skill set covers all areas touching on the ASE dataserver, with recent emphasis on performance and tuning as well as production support and troubleshooting.Joined TeamSybase: 2006
Products Supported: Adaptive Server Enterprise, Replication Server


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