FW (Slashdot): The Score is IBM – 700,000 / SCO – 326

Posted by Zonk on Friday March 16, @09:57AM
from the that’s-some-impressive-evidence dept.

The Peanut Gallery writes “After years of litigation to discover what, exactly, SCO was suing about, IBM has finally discovered that SCO’s ‘mountain of code’ is only 326 scattered lines. Worse, most of what is allegedly infringing are comments and simple header files (like errno.h). These probably aren’t copyrightable for being unoriginal and dictated by externalities and aren’t owned by SCO in any event. Above and beyond that, IBM has at least five separate licenses for these elements, including the GPL, even if SCO actually owned those lines of code. In contrast IBM is able to point out 700,000 lines of code, which they have properly registered copyrights for, which SCO is infringing upon if the Court rules that it repudiated the GPL.”

Whatever your beliefs are in the SCO vs IBM battle over the Linux kernel source code are, this does not bode well for SCO.
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