A standard Iterator super class for Perl?

I’ve been reading Mark Jason Dominus‘s excellent Higher Order Perl during my wife’s weekly Stitch & Bitch meeting. In the pursuit to get going on using Iterators, I started looking through CPAN and Perlmonks for a ready made Iterator class that would be a superclass for many other iterator classes. Guess what I found.. a hodge podge of iterators that seem mostly to be almost entirely independent implementations of what an iterator is/does. At least, that is the impression that is getting across.

Yup, I’m aware of Iterator, Iterator::Misc, and Iterator::Util but they don’t seem to be used in the other cpan modules very much.

Has anyone else seen this or am I just suffering from “Friday: brain shuts down”?

I cross posted this question on to Perlmonks.

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