Sybase ASE Tech Talk podcast link now working!

Back in February, I posted Sybase ASE Tech Talk Podcast – FIXED!.  The problem at the time was that the rss feed provided by Sybase was made to syndicate the description of the mp3 files rather than the mp3 files themselves.  I quickly wrote up a simple perl script that would create a valid rss 2.0 feed that would syndicate the mp3 files.

Since then, Sybase created a valid rss 2.0 feed that was linked to the Apple iTunes Store.  This was the only method to get it added to iTunes.  If you were using another podcast aggregator such as Amarok, you were out of luck.  Using iTunes, I was able to identify the url used by iTunes so we can use it in other aggregators. 🙂

ASE Tech Talk Podcast

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