Froebe Family

The name Froebe is the Americanized version of the German name Fröbe. My family have been out of Germany for a number of centuries but the Fröbe part comes from the Black Forest region of Germany. Other variations of the name include: Froebel, Frobe and Froebal.

How do you pronounce Froebe? Well, it depends on the family branch. My family pronounces it as FRAY-b. I’ve heard many many different pronounciations and people can pronounce it anyway they wish, but to me it is and always will be FRAY-b. 🙂


Probably the most famous of the Fröbe’s is Gert Fröbe, the German actor that played Goldfinger in the James Bond movie Goldfinger. No, he did not speak english.

Gert Fröbe playing Auric Goldfinger

The Froebe brothers, Doug, Theodore and Nicholas, of Homewood, Manitoba, Canada built Canada’s first helicopter and ornithopter (the ornithopter never actually flew but the helicopter did!)? Did you know that the contraptions were made primarily out of bicycle parts??
Nicholas Froebe was my grandfather.


Rebecca Froebe opened Froebe Fibers with her mother, my mother-in-law, in March of 2007. They currently specialize in hand dyed sock yarn.

Froebe Fibers

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