Subversion articles that you should read

Mark Phippard, over at CollabNet, compiled a list of blog posts that are well worth the time to read.  A snippet from his “Subversion blog posts to read” blog post:

Computing the Differences Between Tags by Mark Phippard
In this post I show the new svn diff –summarize command and how you can use it to get a list of files that changed between two repository locations.

Authz and Anon Authn Agony by Mike Pilato
In this post Mike explains a difficult problem you can run into when you want to provide anonymous access but also have private folders within the repository structure.

Multiple Subversion Repositories? by Guido Haarmans
This post touches on the issue of having multiple replicated repositories to support globally distributed development. More specifically, why you may not really need this with Subversion as you do with other tools I will not mention.

Subversion LDAP Authentication with Apache by Jeremy Whitlock
Jeremy gives a primer on how to configure Apache to authenticate users via an LDAP directory, such as Microsoft Active Directory.

How Subversion Conserves Disk Space by Guido Haarmans
This is a high-level overview of how the Subversion repository stores your data. 

Mark is a well respected member of the Subversion community.  You can read more about him on his blog.

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