Sybase Employees that SHOULD write a blog?

Are there any Sybase Employees that you wish would write to a blog? There are a number of Sybase Employees that I wish would (not a complete list):

  • Wim ten Have – he almost single handedly ported SQL Server 11.0 to Linux during his lunch hours (read: on his own time).
  • Peter Dorfman – this guy seems to know more about the MDA tables than anyone else on the planet. If you don’t know who he is, if you’ve ever seen Rob Vershoor present at TechWave, Peter is the guy with a peppered goatee presenting with (and sometime correcting) Rob.
  • Harold Mason – he runs TeamSybase with a iron fist. I’m joking, a velveted baseball bat when it is needed. 😉

I’ll add more tomorrow as I’m being told by my wife that it is ‘bed time’. Whom am I to argue about bedtime with a beautiful woman? hehe

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