Minor bug with Sybase’s Workspace 1.7 regarding directories starting with a ‘.’

I’ve been using Sybase’s Workspace 1.7 for developing and maintaining a myriad of maintenance scripts, web pages, and other interesting things.  I ran into an interesting issue that is worthwhile to take note:
In most of the 3rd party plugins, the .components directory properly shows up in their perspectives.  For example, the EPIC plugin shows the .components directory in the project with no problems.
The EPIC Perl module's perspective shows the

None of Sybase’s eclipse plugins show the .components directory.  I believe this is based on the assumption that since Workspace only runs on windows, that dot directories are rare or nonexistent.  This is a minor bug but one that people should be aware of in case you think that Workspace ate your directory.  😉
Any of the Sybase plugin Perspectives don't include the .components directory.

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