Questions on the design of Democracy Player

I posted the following on the Democracy Player forums:

I’ve been using Democracy Player for several months now and will be writing up a review of it but I have a few questions. There didn’t seem to be much on the website as to the design of the application.

  1. DP makes use of a custom binary database instead of a text based database (XML, ini, etc) or an embedded database (SQLite, etc). Was there a specific reason for the custom database?
  2. Currently, the database is platform and bit (32 or 64) specific. Are there active efforts to make the database cross platform and 32bit/64bit-ness?
  3. I performed some scalability testing this past weekend. DP remains responsive and ‘zippy’ when the number of new videos is below 400 and the total videos is below 600. From the forum posts, this seems to be a long standing issue. I’ve identified, on my system anyways, that DP gets stuck in a couple areas:
    • Database lookups do not appear to be cached well so we end up scanning it over and over
    • All the videos are stored in a single directory, causing excessive disk i/o
  4. Unless I’m mistaken, DP makes use of the gecko engine in the Mozilla project as an embedded web browser for the video channels. With known memory leakage issues with the gecko engine, is the current design plan to stick with the gecko engine or are other engines being evaluated?


Jason L. Froebe

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