Podiobooks.com: Unable to download the mp3s?

The Podiobooks.com servers currently allow for 2 simultaneous download connections at a time. If a third connection is started, it will receive a 403 error message. Some Podcast aggregators have trouble with the 403 error and save the 403 error text as the mp3 file it was trying to download!

How to fix: If there is a setting in your podcast aggegator to download X number files at a time, set it to no more than two. If your podcast aggegator doesn’t have this feature, contact whomever makes the software and request the feature – cite this post if you wish 🙂

Had to write this before I forgot about writing it – it’s been so busy lately with a pregnant wife 🙂

UPDATE: Received email back from podiobooks.com.  This is a temporary issue that they are working out with libsyn (which hosts their mp3s).  This is good news 🙂

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  1. Thanks very much for your help in troubleshooting this issue. LibSyn seems to be having some understandable growing pains, and now we have much data to provide. Thanks for your help!


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