Interesting: “The Civilized Workplace: No Jerks Allowed”

The Civilized Workplace: No Jerks Allowed
By David R. Butcher
An obnoxious coworker, a malicious manager, a bullying boss — there’s no getting around it: today’s workplace is beset with jerks. These people deliberately make coworkers and subordinates feel bad about themselves in our day-to-day working environment, and the human and financial toll is high.

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We’ve all worked at hells throughout our careers.  I’m lucky now that my DBA group here at work (and on vacation) are easy to get along with and we try hard not to get on each other’s nerves.  My boss and my boss’s boss work hard to shield us all from the politics, for which I am eternally grateful!  This company, while having some odd policies at times, is best group of people I’ve ever worked with 🙂
One thing I can stand are so-called “masters of ” when they barely know the subject.  Quite often they will be rude to seasoned (not with salt & pepper though) techs and puff themselves up so much that everyone with a brain knows that they are nothing more than hot and stinky air.

If you run across an individual wouldn’t you rather have them know nothing and are willing to learn or have them know nothing and believe they know everything?

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