PS2 God of War 1 : I’m stuck damnit

Excerpt from IGN » Games » Guides God of War

The Challenge of Poseidon


You’ll emerge in a huge room with a few minotaurs to kill. Fight ’em off and then pull the lever at the back of the room to raise a series of platforms that leads across the room. Hop across the platforms and kill off the legionnaires that appear to grab the red orbs from the nearby chests before diving back in the water to return to the lever you just pulled.Pull the lever once more to raise the platforms and then very quickly dive into the water on the left side of the platforms. At the base of the very last platform is a small opening you can fit into, and it transfers you back to the rings of Pandora.

The problem I’m running into is that after I kill the Minotaurs, pull the lever, go up the platforms, kill the baddies, get the red orbs, read the book, and go back to the lever, it won’t let me pull the lever again because the platforms NEVER GO DOWN!  Thinking it might be a goof on my part, I do it all over again but go in to the secret room under the pillar farthest from the lever… and stay there for 20 mins.  I power off/on the PS/2 thinking it might be glitch and same thing.  None of the walk through FAQs mention this issue at all.  ARGH!

Has anyone ran into this problem or know what I can do to go down in the secret room “like an elevator”?

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