Simple beauty

$ isql -Usa -i installmontables
It is no longer necessary to run this script to install the Monitoring Tables.
Monitoring Tables are now installed by the installmaster script.

This installmontables script is provided as a sample that can be copied and
modified to support remote access of Monitoring Tables. To do so you need to:
1) Replace all instances of @SERVER@ with the name of the remote ASE from which
   monitoring data is to be obtained. Note that each remote ASE to be monitored
   must be added to the local ASE's sysservers table using sp_addserver.
2) Create a database with the same name as the remote ASE. This database need
   only be of the minimum size as these tables do not store any data.
3) Remove this header (i.e. these first 21 lines).
4) Run the script against the local ASE using the isql utility as follows:
   isql -Usa -P -S -i

Seeing that the MDA tables are now part of the default install is truly beautiful. Kudos to Peter Dorfman and all the other engineers at Sybase working on the MDA tables!

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