Where should tempdb in Sybase’s ASE go?

ASE’s data cache in v12.5.0.3 and higher & writing to a filesystem for tempdb (without directio or dsync) will always outperform ASE data cache & tmpfs on LINUX because of the way that tmpfs was implemented within Linux.

Now, if you’re talking about a Linux RAM DISK which is completely and utterly different than tmpfs, as the ram disk is generally only used on Live CD distributions and some bootups….   ram disk is very very slow compared to tmpfs.  Don’t use it.

The RAM Drive, a physical ‘drive’ that contains memory instead of disk platters…  very expensive but doesn’t improve performance over ASE & filesystem much at all.  Use only if some pointy haired boss has extra $$ in his/her budget that they need to use.  Not worth the $$$.

On Solaris and AIX performance is pretty close to the same, so it is better to use a normal filesystem & ASE as the ram disk would just be wasted space.  Can’t say on HPUX as I don’t have access to such a box.

4:30 am here… I’m going back to bed.

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  1. Wherever you put it make sure you have more than one! bind different tempdb’s to heavily used objects. contention in tempdb seems to be a big isssue, not so bad now on 15.0.2 as there is row level locking….

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