Stefan Karlsson releases the 7th episode of ASE Tech Talk

In episode 7 of the Sybase ASE Tech Talk, Stefan Karlson talks about spinlocks, what they are and what to do about them.

What is different, is that Sybase went to the mpeg4 format (m4a) for their podcast. If you have an older ipod or similar mp3 player, you may have to convert it to mp3 format before you can listen to it on the device. Just an fyi.

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How to install a Sybase patch when it says Sybase isn’t installed

When you try to install a Sybase patch for Openclient, ASE, ASIQ or a myriad of other Sybase products, you may receive an error such as:

“ASE 12.5.4 is NOT installed”

This can appear if you delete the $SYBASE/installed and/or the $SYBASE/uninstall directories. (Why would you delete those directories? They are not needed for the operation of any Sybase product, therefore can be deleted for space reasons.)

So how to install the patch? Set INSTALL_ALL_PATCH to “1″ prior to running setup:


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ASE: Unable to Change the Sort Order?

If you need to change default sort order or character set of ASE, you need to ensure that all databases are available and online. Perhaps you created a very large database for load, attempted to load the database dump but it was a different sort order.


  1. new server with default data cache / procedure cache / # objects, indexes, and dbs increased
  2. create database for load (or bypass recovery, suspect, etc)
  3. sp_configure “default sortorder id”, 52
  4. restart

On some systems, even creating a database for load can take a very long time.
Workaround: Move row from sysdatabases to another location, remove row, restart, change sort order / char set, copy row back to sysdatabases, restart.

Solution: Changing the sort order / char set should have no effect on a db for load (other off line dbs are debatable) as the db space will be overwritten by the load database operation. Sybase created BUG 475682 to address this.
If this problem affects you, please call Sybase, associate your support ticket to the BUG 475682 and let your Sybase Sales Representative know that this problem is affecting your operations.

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Unable to connect to a VPN with Windows Vista Business/Ultimate after joining it to a domain?

If you’re running Microsoft Windows Vista Business or Ultimate edition and the machine is part of an Active Directory (or Samba) domain, you might run into problems when connecting to a VPN (Virtual Public Network).

When you go through Vista Start -> Connect To -> Set up a connection or network -> Connect to a workplace:


After you go through the process of adding the VPN, the dialog box just disappears or it says it can’t connect.

If you look at the Event log, it may show errors 651, 1068 or 1297 when starting the firewall, telephony, application layer gateway service, or remote access connection manager. If you attempt to start the services manually, you will very likely get the same errors.

Cause: The permissions required to start these services have been revoked when you joined the computer to a domain. When the (domain) group policy includes “user rights assignment -> adjust memory quotas for a process”, Vista will wipe out any local permissions for this particular setting.

Workaround: Reset the policy for “user rights assignment -> adjust memory quotas for a process”. A word of warning, contact your windows system administrator for permission to do this or have that person do it. DO NOT DO THE FOLLOWING WITHOUT EXPRESS PERMISSION FROM YOUR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR! You will need to have local administrator rights for this.

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy -> Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment


Make sure that LOCAL SERVICE and NETWORK SERVICE are listed.

Next, start the command prompt in Administrator Mode: Vista Start -> Accessories -> (right click on Command Prompt and choose “Run as Administrator”):


Type “gpupdate“.

Finally, reboot the machine. The services should start right up now. Go and reset up your vpn. 🙂

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Sybase Technology Previews / Beta Testing

Did you know that Sybase often will call for beta testers for new products and new versions of existing products? Did you know that many times Sybase doesn’t quite actually make the call for beta testers public? I mean, there might be a blurb in the newsgroups but usually not?

Want to find out which beta test programs are currently available? Contact your Sybase Representative! (Hint hint: ask them to have a webpage built that lists all available beta programs that you can sign up for – that way you’re not bugging them 😉

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