ASE: Unable to Change the Sort Order?

If you need to change default sort order or character set of ASE, you need to ensure that all databases are available and online. Perhaps you created a very large database for load, attempted to load the database dump but it was a different sort order.


  1. new server with default data cache / procedure cache / # objects, indexes, and dbs increased
  2. create database for load (or bypass recovery, suspect, etc)
  3. sp_configure “default sortorder id”, 52
  4. restart

On some systems, even creating a database for load can take a very long time.
Workaround: Move row from sysdatabases to another location, remove row, restart, change sort order / char set, copy row back to sysdatabases, restart.

Solution: Changing the sort order / char set should have no effect on a db for load (other off line dbs are debatable) as the db space will be overwritten by the load database operation. Sybase created BUG 475682 to address this.
If this problem affects you, please call Sybase, associate your support ticket to the BUG 475682 and let your Sybase Sales Representative know that this problem is affecting your operations.

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