Sybase TechWave 2007 Keynote: John Chen, CEO of Sybase, Inc.

John Chen is a soft spoken individual in the public. He alternates between a solidly confident and secure speaker and a somewhat shy individual that has to gather his courage and thoughts. He comes across as a financial geek…. John has come a long way since when he took over the company from Mitchel Kurtzman so many years ago.

Every year he has become more immersed into the American geek pop culture. This allows the stereotypical techie geeks to relate with him or perhaps more importantly, it allows him to relate with the techie geeks. His understanding even a high level view of the technical side of Sybase, and not just the financial side, gives him more respectability. From the business side, it makes it far more difficult to snowball him with technical babble and buzz words.

Regardless of your personal opinion of John Chen, you have to give him credit for not only bringing Sybase back from the dead, but by making it possible for the company to thrive in the mobile sector.

Bad jokes galore. Really really bad jokes 😉 As they say on tv, keep your day job, John!

Big push on Sybase 365 Mobile Services, a result of the acquisition of Mobile 365. (sms, IM, mms, video messaging). Skype, Yahoo!, MSN, Sony Music, etc

Sybase is the largest enterprise software and services company exclusively focused on managing and mobilizing information.

2006 total license growth was 12%; dbms growth was 16%

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