After everything that went wrong yesterday….

My wife wrote:

My husband deserves credit.  Lots and lots of credit.  He came home yesterday, having had a fairly difficult day, with hours of work still ahead of him.  Instead of my being happy to see him, and having something accomplished, I was laying on the sofa with a box of tissues at my side, miserable and feeling ill.  (baby induced allergies or a summer cold — take your pick, because we can’t tell)

Anyway, he stepped up and figured out dinner (yeah for leftovers), and was getting everything all taken care of, when all heck broke loose.  We were both in the kitchen, fixing our plates.  I poured some barbeque sauce onto my plate.  At least, I attempted to pour barbeque sauce onto my plate.  Instead half the bottle came flooding out all over my plate.

I cried.


I spent 10 minutes crying over spilled barbeque sauce.

I didn’t cry about Jason having to work late.  I didn’t cry about the cat scratching my belly and leaving a four inch angry red line.  I didn’t cry at the sappy movie I watched while waiting for Jason to get home.  I didn’t cry about having to rip out 4 inches of my knitting.  I didn’t cry about any of those things.  Oh no.  I cried about barbeque sauce.

And Jason?  He didn’t laugh at me.  He just sat down with me on the sofa and held me while I cried about the barbeque sauce.

Then he finished plating dinner, and we are and watched Eureka and all was better.  (except I still have the summer cold/allergies thing going on)

She just made my day! 🙂

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