Apple iPod Video… not playing video in podcasts?

This past Sunday my 30GB iPod photo finally died.  It lasted just over three years and it was a true veteran.  It was dropped, kicked, washed (accidentally), and chewed on by Tonks.  Sunday afternoon after returning from the build site of the new house, I went back out to the car and dropped the iPod three times in 60 seconds.  Low and behind it finally died.  I took it apart, reseated everything but when the iPod started, I heard the click click of a dead hard drive.  After an hour of trying to coax it back to life, my wife offered to buy a new 30GB Video iPod for my birthday.

I loaded it up with podcasts, music and video.  What I’ve noticed is that when I go iPod -> Music -> Podcasts -> The Chris Pirillo Show, I saw a normal podcast and no video.  After a few seconds of thinking I messed something up, I didn’t, I tried iPod -> Video Podcasts -> The Chris Pirillo Show and video was found 🙂  I would have thought that it wouldn’t make any difference if I played the video podcast from “Podcasts” or “Video Podcasts”, but apparently it does.

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