FW (Geekalicio.us): 10 Reasons Why Geeks Make Good Fathers

As my wife likes to often point out to my children, I’m a geek. No shame in it – be proud of who you are. Stand on the mountain tops and share with the world – “I’m a geek, and I’m proud!” Any who – Here’s my ten reasons why my children should be happy to have a geek dad…

Laser TagPlaying vs Silly Adult Talk.
During a party, while Brad and Muffy are over talking stocks and bonds with the rest of the ‘adults’, I’ll be outside playing laser-tag with the neighborhood kids. (Side note: Bushes provide great hiding – but laser’s can get through the thin ones.)
Read more at the Geekalicio.us 🙂

I come from a long line of geeks (in the past they were known as tinkerers and “those Froebe boys”). My grandfather along with his brothers built Canada’s first helicopter… but guess what? It was made from bicycle parts!! The fact that they put the seat ON TOP OF THE GAS TANK is just an oversight – no where else to put it! 😉

My wife is due with the little munchkin in December. I’m expecting FTL travel by age 3. That isn’t too much to ask is it?

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