Robert Jordan dies

‘Wheel of Time’ author Robert Jordan dies

3:15PM Tuesday September 18, 2007
Robert Jordan in 2000. Photo / Beth Gwinn

Robert Jordan in 2000. Photo / Beth Gwinn

Best selling fantasy author Robert Jordan has died of a rare blood disease aged 58, it has been reported.

Jordan – whose real name was James Oliver Rigney Jr – wrote the “Wheel of Time” series, which sold millions of books since the first – “The Eye of the World” – was published in 1990.
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By far, my favorite author, Robert Jordan’s Eye of the World book saw me through basic training back in 1990.  I had never really read a true saga before that.  I know that he had a contingency plan where another author would finish the series if something should happen to him. He will be missed dearly.

After the scare we had in the last few days at home, Jordan’s death just makes me want to cry.

Robert Jordan maintained an optimistic blog on Dragonmount.  The last book in the Wheel of Time series is A Memory of Light.

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