Got hacked and now we upgraded WordPress

During the last couple of days this blog was hacked twice due to the old version of WordPress that Yahoo! install on hosted websites. The first hack was sending out a virus which was removed and the site was repaired. The second was graffiti and the deletion of about 30% of the WordPress install.

I followed the WordPress upgrade instructions but ran into a snag where the WordPress user in the MySQL database didn’t have the permissions to alter the tables in the database. There are two solutions to this:

  1. Replace the DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD in wp-config.php with the yroot login password. I didn’t know the yroot password.
  2. Use phpMySQLAdmin to grant alter table privileges to the DB_USER. Since I didn’t have grant permissions, I had to modify the mysql.user table directly. Thanks goes to Alan Guilan for the method 🙂

We are now fully upgraded to the current release of WordPress.

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