Should ISUG be more open with its members?

It appears to me that more openness from the ISUG board of directors is needed. Specifically, processes and policies in order to avoid future misunderstandings (on both sides).  I speak of the ISUG issues thread on the sybase-l mailing list.

With regards to the how the board of directors are elected…. I’ve noticed over the past few years that several of the positions had one person listed on the ballot for the position. The reasoning I was given the last two times I asked was that no one else volunteered. Now, I don’t doubt the validity of it, but I was unable to find any mention of whom volunteered prior to the election.

I humbly propose that the names of the volunteers/nominees for the ISUG board of directors (and any other electable ISUG position) be posted on the ISUG website as they are received by ISUG. If any position has less than two volunteers at 90 days before the election, ISUG would need to make a good will effort to find more volunteers/nominees.

It should be obvious but there are Sybase employees that have trouble understanding that the opinions I make are mine alone and not those of TeamSybase unless EXPLICITLY stated otherwise.

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