Decision Support Systems… how far we’ve come :)

At the dawn of Data Warehouse thinking, primitive decision support systems were poking their collective heads out of the murky depths of the early 1980s. Twenty three years later we have real data warehouses such as Sybase’s IQ. An episode of the Computer Chronicles on the Internet Archive provides a time machine:

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Decision Support Systems (2/2/1984)

Expert systems software and artificial intelligence applications.
Host: Stewart Cheifet
Guests: Gary Kildall, DRI; Mike Thoma, Mgmt Decisn Sys; Steve Weyl, Syntelligence; Jim Chapman, Human Edge SW
Products/Demos: Strategic Simulations Epidemic, Prospector, CompuStat, Easy Scan, Sales Edge
This item is part of the collection: Computer Chronicles
Keywords: Episode year: 1984

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