Avoid Edgewater Walk Apartments in Tinley Park, IL!

I just received a “Security Deposit Settlement” from them. The Property Manager, in my opinion, is a lying thief. She makes up ‘cleaning’ and ‘repair’ jobs so they can keep your security deposit. Avoid these thieves like the plague!

Edgewater Walk Apartments
16703 Lakewood Drive #103
Tinley Park, IL 60477

Property Manager: Darleen Filas

The apartment was spotless.

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28 Replies to “Avoid Edgewater Walk Apartments in Tinley Park, IL!”

  1. I recently moved from there also, I moved out September 4, 2007. I had not received an communication from this apartment complex about my deposit so I called. I was informed that they did not have a forwarding address for me, which was a lie. Then she stated that I had $700 of charges so I owed the apartment complex money. I stunned and pissed because that place was cleaned from top to bottom by me, my mom and husband. Some of the thing on her (being Darleen) list just made me laugh. Were you able to dispute this and if so how did it work out for you? Because I not happy and have called their corporate rental office on them. And I’m willing to continue this as far as I have to go.

  2. The corporate office asked if we had proof (photos) that disputed all of the items that Darleen listed. We didn’t take photos simply because we’ve never had to dispute a bad land lord before. We ended up taking a massive hit on our deposit but we did receive a couple hundred back. I let the BBB and the state’s attorney know about Darleen and her tactics. Who knows if it will make any difference.

  3. Yeah I didn’t take photo’s either not thinking that a place I lived in and cleaned would come back and lie. I’m just hurt that I hadn’t had a problem with a landlord before and now this is a shock. Did the complex have valid pictures of your apartment? I’m supposed to go see mine tomorrow. Darleen lied and said she had been mailing me communication that I never received and when she faxed over the settlement page they had the apartment address on it. Which seems weird, but if she was mailing the letters their why was it not forwarded to my new address? I was told I owe them an extra $234 and now I’m thinking what my next options are. I’m wondering how many people are out there that’s had the same problem.

  4. My guess is that there are a lot of former tenants that have been screwed over by her “inspections“. Our apartment was spotless… in fact, it was cleaner than when we moved in.

    I’ve contacted my former neighbors and warned them to take lots of ‘film’ photos. Apparently when the photos are digital, she has been known to say that they were ‘doctored’ in photoshop.

  5. The most upsetting thing is that my mind told me to take pictures and I didn’t. I was thinking I cleaned why should I have a problem (my masters didn’t do any good here lol). Your right that place was cleaner then when I moved in. This just might cost me $735.68. The really funny thing is that since I still haven’t closed on my house yet and it’s not looking good I was thinking about going back there to rent for another year until times got better. Surely I wouldn’t now because of this.

  6. We’re in a similar boat. My pregnant wife (she’s due Dec 12th!) and I are living with her parents. While they are great, there are four adults, four cats and a bird trying to live together. We’ve ended up walking away from our Neumann Homes house and are looking for a pre-existing house.
    About the $735.68… I don’t know if you can get it back but you should talk to a lawyer. I’m hoping that a letter from a lawyer will at least get you out of paying any additional money.

  7. Well thank you I know of another woman that lived in the complex and was moving out around the same time. I’m going to check with her and see if she had a problem also. I want to be able to show that they have a pattern of this. Because this is outrageous I was telling my husband today that I don’t see the complex coming back in our favor if we don’t have proof to dispute their claims. Basically Darleen has taught me a very expensive lesson that you take pictures when you move in and move out of an apartment. The deposit of $500 plus they want an extra $233 this is a ripe off. But she is saving the complex money why would they not side with her. I’m going to call the BBB and the state’s attorney also. Did they give you a copy of the pictures of your apartment? Because I’m wondering how can they even prove that the apartment on the pictures was even yours.

  8. I asked for photos of the apartment but was told that the apartment was already cleaned by the custodial staff. “It isn’t standard ‘policy’ to take photos after a tenant has moved out unless there is significant damage.”
    It comes down to my word against Darleen’s. 🙁

  9. I lived here as well and I have recently received my settlement. I have to pay $94 on top of the deposit! Ridiculous. I left that apartment spotless. I feel like I should call and complain, dont know what good that will do!

  10. we had moved out march 31st, spent all weekend moving and cleaning. every room was vacuumed, every wall washed, every floor scrubbed, windows spotless. then i got the statement in the mail, and they’re keeping over $700. now its been over 2 months, and i have still not received my check. also, she claimed that she had no forwarding information thats why it was not sent, yet 2 copies of the statement were mailed to me.

    Darleen is a liar and a thief. i am positive that the photos that she took were not from our apartment. also, when some of the photos showed no damage or mess, she said that the camera didn’t pick up everything. But you’re sure that the photos didn’t add anything to the photos?

    Our apartment was also broken into; they had a deadbolt key. Darleen disputes this, but Tinley Park police said that the complex has been hit alot in the past 2 years in a similar way. Funny how this doesn’t come up in the newsletter.

    Again, avoid this complex at all costs.

  11. Wow. I googled these apts because I am moving up that way soon, and these apts had the most space for the best price and good location (close to 57) but these comments worry the crap out of me. I know its been a couple years since you guys have posted these but I would love to hear how these situations turned out, and any advice you might want to give me. If I do decide to move here I am definetly taking pictures. Is this Darleen the manager? did anyone have pets? did anyone report her to the BBB and was it settled? What specifically was she charging so much “clean up” money for? Anything else you can tell me would be helpful. Other than the moving out troubles was it an ok place to live?

    1. Yeah she is still here at the Towers now and my unit was broken into this week with a deadbolt lock. She is still as smart mouth and crafty as she was then. ready to go.

    1. Yes she is still there as of October 2, 2013. I have not had a problem with Darlene because she has always ben helpful to me. I rented an Apartment there since 2009 for my husband as I live in Florida town and visit from time to time. At the moment the new lease is due and of course they have to prepare the paper work 2-3 months ahead to know whether or not you are renewing your Lease. My husband told me he received a letter from them and of course I am the Lessee not my husband but I have yet to get this letter. I called the new girl whom I heard is young and I can see that she is not only young but she is stupid and cannot even write a proper letter. I sent her an e-mail asking why the letter wasn’t directed to me because I am the Lessee on file, not my husband. She told me she sent it which was a lie because I waited 3 weeks and still have not received this letter until today 10/2/13 4 weeks. I asked her today where is the letter she claimed she sent on THURSDAY which I would have gotten on Saturday. From Chicago to Florida I didn’t know a letter going by regular mail would have gotten to me so fast which is impossible. She also wrote to me that my husband wants to sign the Lease which was fine with me so I signed the necessary papers and faxed to her. She then wrote to me telling me she will be sending papers to be signed that I already faxed to her which she acknowledged she received. I also informed her the hard copies are in the mail. I guess we feel the squeeze for what they pay these employees. I am out of this crazy place for good and want to have nothing else to do with them. They are like blind leading blind. I went there in 2009 and saw Darlene there and a few days ago I called her and asked her for the fax number and the e-mail address and the fax number she didn’t know the e-mail address she gave to me was wrong then she eventually corrected it. Is this crazy or what? My husband told me the girl in the office is a friend of his son who goes there at times to see her, so I think that’s why she had been playing games for the papers to be late on my part so my husband could have gotten the place and maybe they would have found something to charge me for since I didn’t receive the Renewal Letter. They are so unprofessional and the company found this young girl who doesn’t know what she is doing and pay her a cheap salary. They do train her very well because she certainly is an untruthful person. Let me share something with you “do not waste your time writing to the BBB” they are doing nothing for you the State Attorney Office may help but they have so many cases to handle that they may not get to those complaints anytime soon. I really have not had a bad experience with the apartment itself because the maintenance men have been very good to my husband. Whatever he wants done they are always there. But their office staff needs to be replaced with professionals. They had another property Manager whose name was Sheryl, she has been promoted and moved to another office, she was very professional and so sad she had to leave. Darlene’s apartment is behind ours.

  12. I was sad to hear these comments, I used to be a manager there
    and it was a lovely place. I wonder if it is the same owner as
    it used to be privately owned by Southwest Construction but
    maybe he sold it, which is really hard to believe since he
    put so much work into building it and every detail had to
    be perfect.

  13. I used to work at these apartments and I will say one thing….Darleen could barley work a computer let alone doctor photos. Darleen was a unique person but I will say one thing about the security deposits – it would have been easier for Darleen to return all of the money when a move out occurred. She also wished the same thing…she hated going through it! The paperwork was AWFUL and not worth the hassle.

    I will say that the apartments were big and that is the only positive thing to say. The owner made the management and maintenance staff work on a budget that was cheap, cheap, cheap! The apartments are owned and managed by Austin Highland Management. They were built in the late 1960’s or early 70’s I think and, to the best of my knowledge, have never been updated since they were built. They would replace carpet as a VERY LAST RESORT, the roofs on pretty much all the buildings leak, heating problems galore, etc. The staff at those buildings (when I was there) had their hands tied by the owner. I gave my honest opinion on why the apartments weren’t renting and how I wasn’t about to lie to get them rented – then I was gone. I guess I shouldn’t of said that I’ve worked apartments that are better in the ghetto. I’m not bitter just disappointed at the ownership and their judgement.

    Darleen wasn’t my favorite person in the world but I don’t think she deserves the brunt of the bad reviews -try contacting Austin Highland Management located at 7000 S. Adams Street, Suite 250, Willowbrook, IL. In my opinion, they should explain why their tenant’s were not important to them but the almighty dollar was their motivating factor. We all need to make money but I don’t agree to do it at someone else’s expense.

    I’m sorry you all had to go through the experience at Edgewater and wish I could’ve helped a little more – I still have rope burns on my wrists from the money control from the owners. OUCH!

  14. Is it really that bad, I went on a visit there, and my thoughts were the staff was very friendly, the manager on staff at the time was Melissa and she seem to be very detailed and straight to the point, I hope that don’t change once i move in. as for the apt. i looked at was nice, clean and updated. Someone let me know if this is just a front and if Dalene still work there.


    1. How is everything now that you have moved in i am wondering we are looking up at those apts we need some more space that what we have. please let me know thanks

  15. has anyone had problems with noise?? I recently moved in just last month and recently complained to the current property manager Cheryl and received a snotty attitude and comments indicating disbelief. Someone is allowing their kid to run and jump around. The floor shakes at times. Im thinking about contacting the property management company. Thanks

  16. I wish I had read these comments years ago because I just moved out on May 31st and just received my refund back of 141 dollars. I cleaned that apt from top to bottom but was told it was dirty. I will also be fighting them to get my deposit back.

    1. Totally in agreement that management at Edgewater & after moving out will lie big time about cleanliness of units just to take away security deposit(s).

  17. It is still horrible. I am outta here soon as I can. The heat is still a problem and this idiot comes up with excuses. 100 degrees in the house when its 50 outside 50 degrees in the house when its -32 outside. someone has to do something about these people.

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