Remember the ISUG Election?

I asked for your help and well…  I won!  Thank you to everyone that voted for me!!!

ISUG election results

“GLAGOW, Steve”

Friday, November 16, 2007 11:46:29 AM

Dear Jason,

Congratulation! You have been elected to the ISUG Board of Directors for 2008/2009. Your board seat begins on January 1st, 2008.


You will receiving additional information in the next few days, but I wanted to be the first to congratulate you! By the way, the constituency has agreed to go green with the Journal! Best regards, Steve Glagow

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New developers for Sybase’s Powerbuilder 11?

There still seems to be a steep learning curve when it comes to Sybase’s PowerBuilder. In this specific case, PB11 is no easier.

What *I* personally would like to see is:

  1. step by step online tutorials to create a multitude of projects – from simple ‘hello world’ applications to database connected applications to .NET to AJAX enabled .NET web apps
  2. online videos for the new and experienced developers rather than just feature highlights
  3. more books… from the “Beginning PowerBuilder 11” (perhaps a ‘for Dummies’ series type book) to super advanced PB11
  4. more podcasts ( take a look at Meet the Gimp for example format )
  5. PowerBuilder gallery of open source and commercial PB applications (please don’t just point to the abomination known as codexchange) and online pb communities
  6. A better tiered licensing model: Free version (take a look at Microsoft’s VB Express for a model of what should be included for free), Student (K-university) edition, Professional / Small Business, Enterprise. There should be NO feature differences between the student and enterprise editions – the only difference should be in what PB can be used for (licensing).
  7. Open source & hobby-ist development should be actively promoted to help rebuild the PB community

Can anyone think of anything else to help new developers learn PowerBuilder?

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Update on the missing Podcast: Art of ASE Performance & Tuning

Over on the ISUG forums, I asked Stefan Karlsson whether the Art of ASE Performance & Tuning podcast was abandoned as there hasn’t been a new episode since July 2007.   Stefan has been busy with high priority tasks within Sybase and playing around with different software packages to improve the quality of the podcast.  He has asked us to be patient.

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FW: The Ballot for the 2008 ISUG Board of Directors is now open.

The Ballot for the 2008 ISUG Board of Directors is now open.Please take a moment to visit
and cast your vote for next year’s Board of Directors.

Candidate biographies can be reviewed at

The election will close at 5PM PST on Thursday, November 15th.

Patrick Enright
ISUG Secretary

Your’s truly was nominated for a position on the ISUG Board of Directors.  Please vote for me 🙂   Note that you have to be a member of ISUG to vote.

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Neumann Homes filed for Bankruptcy today!

Chicago Tribune reports that Warrenville-based Neumann Homes files for Chapter 11 More than $100 million in liabilities listed in document submitted 10 days after the builder ceased operations.  read more…

We’ve been wondering why Neumann Homes hadn’t filed earlier will be addressed later today by Kenneth Neumann, the CEO of Neumann Homes.

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Sybase TechWave 2008 date & location decided

Looks like Sybase TechWave 2008 will be in Las Vegas again:

Dear Jason,

Survey says…
TechWave 2007 attendees rated this year’s conference as the best event in Sybase history. An astounding 99 percent of attendees who participated in the conference survey said they would like the opportunity to attend TechWave again. We are pleased to announce that they (and you!) will get that opportunity.

Mark your calendar for August 2008!

TechWave 2008
Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, Nevada
August 4-8

Save the Dates!

More conference information will be available shortly on the TechWave Website.
Also note:

  • Call for Papers Coming Soon – Get to TechWave for free. Get your ideas ready. Your accepted presentation earns you a free conference pass.
  • Registration and Budget Information – Register early and receive the best pricing available.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities – The conference trade show is the best opportunity of the year to market to Sybase customers, meet with other Sybase partners, and further your corporate relationship.

See what makes TechWave so great.
Check out highlights from TechWave 2007!

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