Call for Sybase TechWave 2008 Papers now open!

We are accepting speaker proposals for 60 and 90 sessions at the upcoming Sybase TechWave conference Aug. 4 – 8, 2008.
Delivering leading solutions for information management, application development, mobile solutions and data integration, Sybase has been leading the way in innovative database and related technologies for more than 20 years. If you’ve solved a unique business or technical challenge utilizing Sybase products, we’d like you tell the thousands of TechWave 2008 attendees about it.

If your application is accepted you’ll get to attend TechWave for free.
Check out the guidelines and submit your paper today! All presentation proposals must be received by March 24th.

The guidelines are:

Call for Papers: Guidelines for Submitting a Proposal

Do not include proprietary or confidential material in your proposals. All submissions and presentations become the property of Sybase, Inc. and the TechWave Conference. Accepted proposals will be reviewed by Sybase, Inc. for trademark usage, etc.

Submissions go through a rigorous selection process. For best consideration, in addition to the following information, please make sure to be as clear and technically detailed in your title and abstract as possible as well as to level your session appropriately.

The presentation time is a very important factor. Remember your session will start 2-3 minutes late by the time everyone is settled. You must also leave 10-15 minute Q&A period at the end of your presentation. Thus, a 60 minute session is actually 42-48 minutes long, and a 90 minute session is 72-78 minutes long. Plan your session time accordingly. Sessions are NOT permitted to run over and will be interrupted if they do. The schedule marches on and another session will use the same room after you are finished. Regardless of how enthusiastic your audience, there are others to consider who need to clean the room, reset equipment, get to the next class, etc.

Be sure to be careful and specific in your abstract. Your attendees will not welcome a session that does not to map to the description. Refrain from sessions that are merely sales pitches for a product. Your guests want to be trained, not sold. If you feel you have a product or solution that TechWave guests would benefit from consider a spot on our expo floor instead. You’ll reach more people and they’ll be in a receptive mood.

You must fill out the form in it’s entirety for consideration. Be sure to know and understand each of the following items before proceeding to the form:

  • Your contact information as it will appear in agenda (name, title, address, etc.) – please avoid abbreviations in title (Co., etc.)
  • Have you presented at TechWave before?
  • Title of your technical presentation
  • Audience level (novice, intermediate, experienced, etc.) – Refer to the “audience level” definitions below
  • Audience job function (i.e. Developer, DBA, System Architect, etc.)
  • Technical discipline of the audience (i.e. Data Management, Mobility, etc.)
  • Which Sybase products or related technologies will be featured in your presentation?
  • Length of your presentation (60 or 90 minutes)
  • Prepare a brief description of your presentation (750 characters or less)
  • Brief personal biography and/or prior speaking experience
  • Do you prefer a co-speaker? If so, please supply their contact information

“Audience Level” Definitions

  • Novice: Less than one year of general experience using the technology in question. No specific knowledge of the topic is required.
  • Intermediate: One to three years of experience using the technology. Conversant in the subject matter and scope of the presentation. The talk might introduce more advanced areas of the topic plus tips and tricks.
  • Experienced: Four or more years of experience using the technology. Audience will be fluent in all aspects of the subject matter and related issues.
  • All Levels: Although this is a technical presentation specific product experience is not required. The subject matter will be of equal benefit to all technical audience members.
  • Non-Technical/Management: These presentations revolve around technology but will focus more on managerial issues like organization, sales, best practices, implementation, work-flow, etc.

Timeline Details

  • Early 2008: Call for Papers Opens
  • March 24, 2008: Call for Papers Closes (Content Review Begins)
  • April 1, 2008: Notification of Proposal Status begins

Attendee Demographics

The conference expects to draw a primarily technical audience of about 1,500 DBAs, developers and IT managers. They represent a wide variety of industries with financial services, government, healthcare and telecommunications most highly represented. The audience is international, with approximately 25 percent from outside of the U.S.

Application Deadline: Monday, March 24, 2008

Application form must be complete for consideration. Proposals will be reviewed by the TechWave Conference Content Committee to ensure they match the goals of the Conference program. Regretfully, we will not be able to accept all submissions, but we will begin notifications of our decisions by email as soon as decisions are reached.

Speakers whose session proposals are accepted will receive information detailing deadlines for submitting their presentation and enrolling in the conference.

Some Advice on Developing a Great Proposal

    1. Choose a subject with broad appeal, and be creative.
      Read the conference tracks descriptions closely. Be sure to choose and label your topic carefully. Be creative, but be aware that sessions on obscure subject matter are less likely to be selected.
    2. Focus on technology and solutions.
      Conference attendees are technical end-users and expect a technical focus. They will be highly critical of speakers who spend time on product promotion. TechWave focuses on engineers who have in-depth, hands-on experience and have written an abstract that will share knowledge, not sell products. Most attendees are fairly advanced programmers. They do not want to see a rehash of information easily available in books and on the internet.
    3. Include a case study. Share your own experience and enlist capable co-speakers from within your industry.
      We are more likely to choose speakers who have used a particular technology and can comment on what works and what doesn’t, based on first-hand experience. Working code is very important in the Technical Sessions and Industry Case Studies. We have found that coupling with a Sybase Engineer or a partner who can discuss real-life success stories along your topic scope is particularly well received. Panel discussions with executives are also encouraged.
    4. Be prepared.
      Speaking at TechWave is greatly rewarding. It is also a commitment which will demand advance planning and preparation. Read all the accompanying information carefully. Allow yourself time to develop a great proposal. Be aware that a great proposal will take a lot of work to complete once accepted and delivering a presentation to a global audience will take careful preparation. You should expect to have your entire presentation completed for submittal by the end of June.
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