PowerBuilder 11.2 is coming out shortly

Speed in Development. Speed in Deployment. Speed in Performance.

PowerBuilder 11.2 will be available shortly and we are holding a Web seminar with John Strano to highlight the key features of this release. During this Web seminar, John will show you the new capabilities found in PowerBuilder 11.2 that bring increased performance to your mission-critical applications, including using AJAX and .NET development to EAServer. In addition, John will show you a range of as well as database, UI, and usability enhancements.

PowerBuilder 11.2 Web Seminar: Increased Performance is Here
Wednesday, April 2, 2008
9:00 AM PT
/ 12:00 PM EST

The PowerBuilder 11.2 webcast will cover:

  • Certificate Store Support for Smart Client-published Applications
  • Usability and UI Enhancements
  • Database Connectivity Enhancements
  • Enabling the DEBUG Condition for ORCA and OrcaScript
  • Application Pools for Web Forms in IIS7
  • EAServer Support for .NET-deployed PowerBuilder Clients
  • AJAX Functionality for WebForm-Deployed Applications

Register for the PowerBuilder 11.2 Web seminar today and speed up your development, deployment, and performance.

Find out more and sign up here.


The PowerBuilder Team

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2 Replies to “PowerBuilder 11.2 is coming out shortly”

  1. PowerBuilder..man that brings back memories of my Team Powersoft days. John and I were on the TeamPS and Team Sybase together. He’s an awesome guy.

  2. We have been expecting this release to address frequent server-trips/post-backs in DW itemChanged/clicked() events. Hopefully, we just have to recompile/redeploy our apps and such problems will disappear unless otherwise.

    Honestly, im interested on how such mechanisms have been internally implemented.

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