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The message thread on the sybase-product-futures mailing list was closed by the moderators but I believe my reply may help the situation as there are individuals that claim copyright infringement on any usage of copyrighted material.

IANAL.  The problem with “copyright law” is that it varies greatly from country to country.  Many countries allow for “fair use” but the definition of what is considered “fair use” also varies greatly.  Generally speaking, you *can* copy a portion of the work legally if you give proper references even without permission from the author.

However, sybase-product-futures really isn’t the forum to discuss such legal matters.  It comes up on

Seriously, the folks over at TWIT have a very good podcast called “This Week in Law” ( ).  “Join Denise Howell and the TWiL panel, including Cathy Kirkman, Ernie Svenson, and John Palfrey as they discuss breaking issues in technology law including patents, copyrights, and more.”   Their forums may be a better place to discuss copyright law (international or domestic)  than sybase-product-futures. enough though 😉

In any case, if you use another person’s work, give them due credit.  It’s only fair. 🙂

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