SOLVED: WordPress 2.5 and the annoying captcha to read

Hi all,

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now but every so often a captcha will pop up when you’re reading my blog. This appears to be a feature of WordPress 2.5 which I haven’t been able to disable yet. If anyone knows how to disable it, please let me know as the captcha is very annoying.

I’ve asked this on the forums as well: WordPress 2.5 and the annoying captcha

UPDATE: Looks like the culprit was in the footer.php file of the GlossyBlue 1.4 theme

The official download site doesn’t have this code. I did download it last week… hmmm

Otto42 over on the forums identified the script as:

It’s a captcha defeating system. It’s not checking if you’re human or not, it’s sending the results back to to let the thing bypass the captcha from some other site!

I just went through all the files and verified that the only java script files that are being pulled are official ones.  Kudos to Otto42!

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